Our Story

My parents Dave and Marybeth Solt landed in England in the fall of 1996, and a few months later I was born. At the age of four, I recognized my sin nature, and asked God for salvation…a few years later I followed Christ’s example through baptism. While growing up, I was privileged to be join in multiple ministries with my parents from church planting to teen activities and children’s programs. 

     After graduating high school, I enrolled in Hyles- Anderson College with the goal of developing a media career. It was during the mission's conference my freshman year , God spoke to me, and revealed His perfect plan for my life. “Matthew 14:17-19 says, “...We have here but five loaves, and two fishes. He said, Bring them hither to me...” Christ’s response to Andrew turned my plans upside down. Following His lead, I surrendered my life to him, changed my college major to missions, and began the path to serve Him full time in the mission field.

Rachel was born and raised in the beautiful state of Montana. At the age of seventeen after hearing her youth pastor teach a lesson on hell in Sunday School, Rachel got her salvation settled. She surrendered her life to the Lord in 2014 at a summer teen camp while hearing a sermon on the will of God. It was also the same year that she felt God leading her to attend Hyles- Anderson college. 


       God brought us together during our first semester of college, and a few months after graduation we got married. Together with Rachel, I have served in the bus ministry of FBC as a captain, cdl trainer, and junior church superintendent leading up to deputation. In the fall of 2021, we visited England together for the first as a family, and God solidified His calling on our lives to return as full-time missionaries.

On January 21, 2024, I was humbled to be ordained into the gospel ministry at First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN under the leadership of Pastor John Wilkerson.

- Daniel